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Powerful Adjusting & Right Assessment Network

Our company is a corporation specialized in body injury, health liability and property damage claims assessment.
Our core business revolves around, ‘checking the occurrence of the claims, determining whether the application of insurance contracts and related laws are appropriate, assessing damages and insurance claims, and preparing documents related thereto’ according to the provision of Article 188 of the Insurance Business Act ‘PARAN’ is the abbreviation of our company name that stands for ‘Powerful Adjusting & Right Assessment Network’. It is also the mission of our company in which it can be defined as a Strong and righteous claims adjusting company.
All of our employees are working hard together to implement ‘toughness and fair claims assessment by never compromising with unfairness’ as expressed in our mission statement.
Please give advice and encouragement to our enthusiasm and remember PARAN as the role model of the insurance industry.
Thank you!

Our 3S : SpecialㆍSmartㆍSpeed

ㆍGrowth centered on qualitative growth rather than quantitative expansion
ㆍDeveloping a specialized claims field by individual employee
ㆍTracking real-time claims status (system) through smart office building and improving service for insured or customers.


We are a group of specialists in the insurance market that contributes to promising societies. This is accomplished through the nature of the business protecting the victims and the organization of insurance, and we serve as a companion who elevates sorrow into hope.


OneㆍPursuing honest and sincerity to be the best quality
TwoㆍRealize customer value through promptness and accuracy
ThreeㆍSustainable growth through formation of learning culture


- 원천징수영수증 발급 문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 퇴직 연금 관련 문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 연말정산 서류 요청문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 필수기재사항 :
이름, 입사/퇴사일(둘중하나 반드시 기재-동명이인확인용 모를경우, 주민번호 앞6자리), 휴대폰번호, 받으실 이메일or팩스번호

  메일 수신 후 순차적으로 발송예정입니다.

- 재직자 근로소득원천징수영수증(지급명세서) 확인방법: 국세청홈택스 로그인 후 MY홈택스 메뉴-> 연말정산/장려금/학자금->지급명세서등 지출내역

- 원천징수영수증 중도퇴사자만 요청바랍니다.

  기타문의사항 : 회계팀 02-2087-3961~3

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