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Definition of Injury

To compensate for the insured’s medical expenses, and other expenses related to permanent disabilities, death due to accidental and sudden physical accidents during the period of contract in accordance with the clause

Conditions of Accident

Sudden A state of which cause or effect is unavoidable due to the suddenness of the event for a relatively short period of time
Accidental A state of which the cause or the effect is unpredictable
External The cause of personal injury does not reside in the body; an external cause during the elapsed time influences on the body

Types of Insurance

Death Benefit Admitted if the accident occurs within the period of contract specified on the clause and if the insured is deceased within 2 years from the date of accident
Disability Benefit
Admitted if loss of body function or permanent loss of body part occurs within 2 years from the date of accident
Medical expenses Medical expenses occurred within 180 days from the date of the accident can be covered within the limit of insurable amount

Traffic Accidents

Injuries resulted from collision, or contact with means of transportation in motion, or from collision, contact, fire, or explosion occurred by these means of transportation when the Insured is not using any means of transportation in motion
Means of
Train, motorcar, diesel train, cable car, lift, elevator and escalator, monorail
plane, ship(including yacht, motorboat, boat)
vehicle (car, van, truck, special car, two-wheeled vehicle), scooter, bicycle, motorbike
Construction machinery, agricultural machine(not considered as transportation while operating)
Sudden, and accidental physical injury occurred while the insured is taking transportation
Sudden, and accidental physical injury occurred from all means of transportation while the Insured is passing the road

Holiday Injury

Injury occurred on Saturday, legal holiday (including Sunday) in the place of accident
※『legal holiday』: Holidays designated by Regulation on Public Holiday and Act on National Holiday and Designation of Worker’s Day Act in the place of accident


Definition of Sickness Insurance

Insurance made to compensate for economic losses due to accidental infection or disease during the period of insurance

Critical Illness

Cancer Classified as malignant neoplasm under Korean Classification of Diseases. Guaranteed after 90 days from the first day of insurance
Cerebral Apoplexy Permanent neurological deficit due to sudden block of cerebral blood flow due to arachnoid hemorrhage, intra-cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, etc
Myocardial Infarction Irreversible tissue necrosis in myocardial tissue due to coronary occlusion

Nursing Insurance

Paid when the Insured is in need of a long time period nursing due to disease occurred during the period of insurance.

General disease Insurance

Insurance that covers all types of diseases in general, but not particular


Check if the Insured or the Contractor has effected on the payment of the insurance by violating pre-notifying obligation


cancer Classified as malignant neoplasm under Korean Classification of Diseases
Cerebral apoplexy Diseases classified in cerebral apoplexy under Korean Classification of Diseases (such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction)
Acute myocardial
Diseases classified in acute myocardial infarction under Korean Classification of Diseases


< Definition of hospitalization according to Clause >
When hospitalization in medical institution is necessary, and when it is approved by a doctor (including dentist, acupuncturist)
* above may vary depending on company


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