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Special Investigation (Fraud, Criminal Claims and etc.)

◎ Management of a special investigation team against increasing insurance fraud formed by a former
police officer and expert claim adjuster
ㆍThorough investigation against moral hazard insurance accident
ㆍInvestigation against high amount disability claim and death insurance
ㆍEpidemiological investigation against habitual claiming Insured’s human and social causal relationship


- 원천징수영수증 발급 문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 퇴직 연금 관련 문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 2019년 연말정산 서류 요청문의 : paranacct@paranins.co.kr

- 필수기재사항 :
이름, 입사/퇴사일(둥중하나 반드시 기재-동명이인확인용 모를경우, 주민번호 앞6자리), 휴대폰번호, 받으실 이메일or팩스번호

  메일 수신 후 순차적으로 발송예정입니다.

  기타문의사항 : 회계팀 02-2087-3961~3

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