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Paran adjustment (collectively, “company”) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy. With this privacy policy, we would like to inform you how we process your personal data whilst using this website.

However, this policy is limited to company use only. If you would like to see general privacy policy, please visit our homepage at

1. Purpose of collecting and using of private data

We use data for purposes listed below. All information we are collecting are not used otherwise; in case of using it for other purposes we will ask for prior consent according to privacy law clause 18.

     1) Adjustment and survey
          (1) Adjustment on the payment of insurance
          (2) Claim adjustment
          (3) Sickness insurance adjustment

     2) Human resource administration
          (1) Job candidate administration and employees recruitment task
          (2) As for the accepted employees, management and maintenance of employment contract and experience contract,
          division of work load, to manage base pay, bonus pay, extra pay, performance-based benefits, medical insurance,
          and welfare such as paid vacation, maternity leave, etc
          (3) Management and maintenance of human resources (recruitment, promotion, assessment), division of work load, base pay, bonus pay,
          extra pay, performance-based benefits and to issue proof of employment
          (4) To provide income tax, other kinds of taxes, and indiscriminate working environment, insurance. And to offer fair treatment to war veteran,
          foreign employees, and to fulfill administrative obligation duty
          (5) To issue proof of employment and career certificate

2. Period of handling and possessing private information

When certain purposes are accomplished, all informations are destroyed. Nevertheless, when it is necessary to such information for certain period of time according to related law, informations are discarded afterwards.

3. Providing private information to third party

We do not provide private information to other parties except circumstances below
     - When information providers agree prior to giving out information
     - Under investigative authority’s demand, or according to regulations
     - when there is justified reason for not getting consent prior to providing such as threatening to human lives and bodies

4. Consigning handing of private information

We are consigning handing of private information under information providers’ consent. We are providing the minimum amount of information until the conclusion of contract with the consigned companies.

Consigned company Operation basis Details
Paran insurance Privacy law clause 15 information object Executing contract details and adjusting information providers interview, hospitalization history, and insurance amount.

5. Obligation and responsibility regarding information object

You are as information provider can exercise rights according to clauses below through means of letter, electronic mail, FAX. However, when there are obligations designated in law, such exercise can be limited.

     1) You can request to discontinue using/application of information beyond the scope of purposes
          If information is used for other purposes, you can request for immediate discontinue
     2) Rights to view, correct and eliminate information
          You can view your information that the company is possessing, and if there is any error in the information,
          you can request for correction or elimination of such information
     3) Rights to withdraw consent to collect, view, use, provide private and credit information
          You can withdraw from collecting, viewing, using, providing personal and credit information. However,
          when doing so, you are also insisting not to receive services related to such area
     4) Rights to be noticed of providing information
          If we are providing your information to 3rd party, you can request for notification

6. Categories of private information we are handling

We promise that we are collecting the minimum amount of private information needed to process claims and insurance amount

     1) Lists of private information processed
          (1) Identity information: Name, address(home/office), contact information(cell phone number), occupation
          (2) Unique identity information: resident registration number
          (3) Information regarding insurance exchange: subscribers’ information, history of payment of insurance
          (4) Information regarding Insured’s sickness history: past history, medical examination result, etc
     2) Means of collecting information: consigned insurance company, information object

7. Destruction of private information

All information is discarded after designated period according to commercial law once fulfilled its objects

Method and process of destruction

     - We promise to safely process your valued private information.
        In order to prevent outflow of such information we will discard your information by following ways
     - Any information printed on paper will be shredded by paper shredder or burned
     - Any information stored as electrical file will be deleted technological so it cannot be regenerated

8. Securing the safety of private information

We will take following measures to secure the safety of information object
     - Establishment of inside management plan on private information for safe process
     - Limitation on access to private information
     - Application of cryptographic techniques to safely store and transmit private information
     - Prevention of forgery and alteration of access history to counteract infringement of personal data
     - Installation and renewal of security program on private information
     - Physical measure of preparing storage facility or locking device to safely store private information

9. Remedies against infringement on rights and interests

Should you need any consultation on infringement of personal data, you can contact these institutions
     - Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (www.kisa.or.kt)
     - Korea Internet and Security Agency ( / 02-1336)
     - ePRIVACY Mark COMMITTEE ( / 02-580-0533~4)
     - Cyber-criminal investigation department, the Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office ( / 02-3480-3582)
     - national police agency cyber terror response center ( / 02-392-0330)

10. Establishment and management of surveillance camera

We are establishing and managing surveillance camera as follows
     1) Basis of establishment and purpose of surveillance camera
          - to control access to data processing server room and information protection
          - safety facility and fire prevention
     2) Where to install and scope of filming
          - inside office, data processing server room
     3) Chief manager, responsible department, access authority to surveillance information
          - Chief manager : Director of strategy department
          - Access authority : strategy department data processing manager
     4) Filming and storage period and place and how to process them
          - Filming time : 24 hours
          - Storage period : 3 months from filming
          - Place of storage: data server room
          - How to process them: We record every usage for other purposes, 3rd party usage, destruction, request to view.
            And we destruct them after expiration period of storage so they cannot be regenerated
     5) To view video record: you can ask for video information manager according to privacy law
     6) Request to view recorded film about information object
          - If you would like to confirm, delete private video information you can request to information processing manager.
            However, it is limited to information object’s urgent life, body, property benefit and when the information object is filmed in the requested video.
          - If requested to view or confirm the existence of recorded video, we will take step immediately
     7) securing the safety of recorded video
          - As measures of protecting recorded video, we well give discriminatory granting to access to private information.
            To prevent forgery and alteration, we are recording and listing created dates, purpose of viewing, name of the viewer, viewed dates,
            and we also established safe lock for the physical security of personal information

11. About our privacy policy manager

Our designated security chief manager who oversees privacy and adjustment policy, and damage relief is as follow

Security chief manager

     - Name: Park, Eunsook
     - Position: Director of strategy department
     - Phone No. : 02-2087-3911

Role and task of strategy department director

     - Planning and establishment of privacy policy plan
     - Regular investigation and improvement on privacy policy processing and practice
     - Overview of privacy and adjustment policy, and damage relief
     - To build inside control system to prevent data spill and abuse and misuse of private information
     - To build and exercise educational plan on private information
     - To overview and control personal information files and data
     - Establishment and alteration of processing of personal information according to clause 30
     - To manage data regarding private information
     - Destruction of private information after designated storage period

Additional clause

1st date of announcement: August 26th, 2014 /date of enforcement: August 26th, 2014
2nd date of announcement :January 23rd, 2018 / date of enforcement: January 23rd, 2018


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- 원천징수영수증 중도퇴사자만 요청바랍니다.

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